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The Odense Moonshot

Jonas Ridderstråle

Ideas can change the world. How will you change your world? Google pioneered the concept of moonshot thinking – typically ideas that can solve big problems, with solutions that deliver “10x not 10%” impact. Thinking bigger is the starting point to making progress. We explore some of the world’s biggest moonshots right now and what 10 times means for your business.

Sweden’s funky academic, Jonas Ridderstråle, set out the challenge for Europe in
provocative fashion:

  • Creative destruction should be the #1 priority for every business leader. Do it now, do it fast. Before somebody else does it to you.
  • The starting point to creating a better future is to take new perspectives. You cannot go forwards with the same mindset and pathway as today.
  • Europe needs to find its creative edge. To succeed through the power of ideas, and to add a creative premium to its brands, innovations and business models.

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Jonas Ridderstråle, Sweden’s most provocative business thinker shakes it all up, exploring the big new ideas for business in a high-tech high-touch world. Author of global bestseller Funky Business, Jonas has featured in Thinkers50 rankings three times, and is back with preview of his next book, and a big idea to get you thinking, challenged and inspired.