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European Business Lecture 2017

Michael Porter

The European Business Lecture defines the agenda for business across the continent in the year ahead, a seminal moment in the European business calendar. What are the priorities for business, for governments, and others? How will Europe win in a fast and dynamic world? What are the priorities to deliver innovation and growth, and how have they changed since you went to business school? And what will make you a winner?

Harvard Business School’s Professor Michael Porter is the world’s #1 business thinker. His five forces have powered the world’s businesses for too long. So what is his vision for the future of business?

  • Business is about more than capitalism. Competition should have a net positive impact. Social value is the best starting point for business strategy.
  • Social needs represent the largest unserved market opportunities. How can your business make a useful contribution to society, and the future?
  • Creating shared value (CSV) is the evolution of philanthropy and CSR. It is the strategic business process of making the world better, profitably

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Michael Porter, Harvard Professor of Strategy, #1 on the Thinkers50 Global Ranking, will define a new agenda for business in Europe. He will reflect on his old ideas about competitive advantage, and most significantly on his new ones on social progress. Regarded as the father of modern business strategy, Porter’s influence has been immense. His Five Forces framework was the definitive approach for decades and is still taught in every business school in the world. His more recent theory of Shared Value has led the way in a re-evaluation of the role and expectations of capitalism, including how smart, connected products are creating a technological revolution that will transform competition and have profound implications for society.