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European Business Forum

The Davos of Business Thinking


Michael Porter awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

European Business Forum Sessions

Presentations, Videos, and Key Takeaways

European Business Lecture 2017

The European Business Lecture defines the agenda for business across the continent in the year ahead, a seminal moment in the European business calendar. What are the priorities for business, for governments, and others? How will Europe win in a fast and dynamic world? What are the priorities to deliver innovation and growth, and how have they changed since you went to business school? And what will make you a winner?

The Winning CEO

A unique discussion between the world’s leading CEO, and the world’s leading leadership coach. New markets with new challenges and new opportunities need new styles of leadership. In particular, we focus on the role of being a visionary – being a collaborator, and how to bring people together – and being a coach not just a manager. Leaders of today’s most successful businesses clearly work and win in new ways. We explore the secrets of the best performing CEOs, and what will they need to change and develop in order to be successful in the future.

Leadership and Change

How do you lead in times of change? How do you transform a century-old business? This is a case study that explores the very nature of leadership in today’s uncertain and disruptive world. Drawing on both of their personal practices in the field of mindfulness and systemic perceiving, they will show us how an investment in developing radical new leadership skills can change the internal society of a company, leading to faster, better business outcomes. The innogy story demonstrates how the “what”, can only be achieved by a leader’s acute attention to the process through which these results are created – the “how”.

Culture and Projects

Growth is easy. Being profitable is not. How can you create and sustain profitability and growth in changing markets, where competition is intense, and price pressure is immense? Cost cutting is rarely the route to long-term success. We explore how to balance these different challenges, how to ensure that large and complex projects are delivered most effectively, and how to bring people and cultures together, to win today and in the future.

Exponential Lab

How do you make the future happen smarter and faster? We get practical, and ask what leaders really need to do to make these great ideas happen. What is the leader’s role in strategy, business models, engaging millennial talent, creating new structures, partnerships and ecosystems. Learning from the lean start-up to new approaches such as design thinking, business models and agile organisations, we focus on how to lead your business faster, smarter and better.

Future Business

What should we do? How does business need to change in this new context – where blockchain has the potential to transform every process, where the new politics reshape our attitudes to global brands and wealth creation, where new business models rewrite the text books of organization design, and new customer experiences transform consumer aspirations and expectations? Today’s final session is about why, what and where – tomorrow we will focus on the how. What are the new priorities to innovate smarter, grow faster, and be a winning business?

Finding New Growth

Where are your best market opportunities for growth? Blue oceans, adjacent markets, digital and physical, convergent and reframed, means that markets are in flux. Innovating your marketspace is as important as innovating your business. Or should come first. Time to think smarter about your choice of markets, focusing investment and innovation where the future returns will be greatest.

Global Remix

How do you make sense of a colliding world? From migration to a new populism, a new machine age with a social purpose, the rapid growth of robotics and biotech, the fusion of geographies and sectors, cultures and religions, what are the consequences and opportunities for business? This “debate-style” session brings together three experts to explore what matters most, and what business should do next.

The Odense Moonshot

Ideas can change the world. How will you change your world? Google pioneered the concept of moonshot thinking – typically ideas that can solve big problems, with solutions that deliver “10x not 10%” impact. Thinking bigger is the starting point to making progress. We explore some of the world’s biggest moonshots right now and what 10 times means for your business.

The New Agenda

As business leaders you attend many events, but none like this. The European Business Forum helps you recalibrate how you see the world, explore the best new opportunities for innovation and growth, gives you the opportunity to connect and create new ideas with peers from across Europe, and resolve on how you will lead your business forwards, and be the best leader you can be.

Forum Hosts

fiskPeter Fisk
GeniusWorkscrainerStuart Crainer
Thinkers50dearloveDes Dearlove


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