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Future Business

René Carayol

The new agenda, part 2. What should we do? How does business need to change in this new context – where blockchain has the potential to transform every process, where the new politics reshape our attitudes to global brands and wealth creation, where new business models rewrite the text books of organization design, and new customer experiences transform consumer aspirations and expectations? Today’s final session is about why, what and where – tomorrow we will focus on the how. What are the new priorities to innovate smarter, grow faster, and be a winning business?

Business leaders from across the world then came together with leadership coach Rene Carayol to explore what the future looks like:

  • We live in a two-speed world, we can have dynamic engagement (global, connected) or splendid isolation (local, isolationist).
  • Nobody is average in this changing world. However everybody wants something relevant to belong to, and something relevant to believe in.
  • As business leaders we face the relentless challenge of quarterly results, but we must also rise above this to drive change, and create a better future.

René Carayol is joined by some of the world’s leading CEOs to make sense of this new world, the new priorities, and what business needs to do differently to innovate, grow and win. Rene is a leadership expert, professor at Cass Business School, TV and radio presenter, CEO of Inspired Leaders Network, and author of a new book Spike! He promises a high energy and inspiring finale to the first day.

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