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Leadership and Change

Deborah Rowland, Peter Terium

How do you lead in times of change? How do you transform a century-old business? This is a case study that explores the very nature of leadership in today’s uncertain and disruptive world. Drawing on both of their personal practices in the field of mindfulness and systemic perceiving, they will show us how an investment in developing radical new leadership skills can change the internal society of a company, leading to faster, better business outcomes. The innogy story demonstrates how the “what”, can only be achieved by a leader’s acute attention to the process through which these results are created – the “how”.

CEO Peter Terium described his transformation of Germany’s largest energy company, Innogy SE, with his coach Deborah Rowland:

  • Business change starts with leadership. But leaders must also change. Start with the being (mental change), then the doing (physical change).
  • The “being” skills of change leaders are: seeing the bigger picture, being curious and responsive, staying present, and tuning into the system.
  • The “doing” skills of change leaders are: the pull of an inspiring purpose, creating tension to create disrupt, channeling energy, and changing the now.

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Deborah Rowland is a leading authority in the field of leading large complex change – in quicker and more effortless ways. She has led change in major global organizations including Shell, Gucci Group, BBC Worldwide and PepsiCo. She also founded and grew a consulting firm that pioneered original research in the field, the latest efforts of which were accepted as a paper at the 2016 Academy of Management. Her latest book is Still Moving: How to Lead Mindful Change.

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Peter Terium is CEO of the German energy giant, innogy SE (formerly, CEO RWE AG). The Dutchman initially trained as an accountant, then worked in roles with the Dutch Ministry of Finance and KMPG, before becoming CEO of Essent and then RWE. Together, they will take us through the story of how they partnered across a three-year journey to transform a large traditional energy company into a new company fit for the new world of decentralised and decarbonised energy supply.