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Terms / Betingelser

Who we are

Thinkers50 Europe is a European hub of Thinkers50 administrated by the Municipality of Odense.
The City of Odense
Flakhaven 2
DK-5000 Odense C

The purpose

The Municipality of Odense sells tickets for The European Business Forum to end-customers who wish to attend the event.

Credit card fees (incl. VAT)

Dankort or VISA/Dankort – amounts under 100 kr: 1,30 DKK per transaction
Dankort or VISA/Dankort – amounts over 100 kr: 1,64 DKK per transaction
MasterCard, Eurocard, VISA, VISA Electron/VISA Debit 1,25% of the transaction amount
Diners Club 2,13% of the transaction amount
Klarna 3,5% of the transaction amount


The Municipality uses DIBS (Danish Internet Payment System) for handling payment transactions. Using the Dankort or other credit cards is secure and approved by PBS.

The municipality has no access to your credit card information. They are handled exclusively by DIBS. Communication is done through a secure connection (SSL). The information is encrypted and the customer is the only one who can read the information. The payment is made from your account upon approval.


It is not possible to cancel the purchase and get the money back.


Hvem vi er

Thinkers50 Europe er en europæisk hub af Thinkers50 administreret af:
Odense Kommune
Flakhaven 2
5000 Odense C
CVR: 35209115
Tlf.: +45 20 41 57 33


Odense Kommune sælger billetter til The European Business Forum til slutkunder, der ønsker at deltage i arrangementet.

Kreditkortgebyrer (inkl. Moms)

Dankort eller VISA / Dankort – Beløb under 100 kr: 1,30 DKK pr. Transaktion
Dankort eller VISA / Dankort – beløb over 100 kr: 1,64 DKK pr. Transaktion
MasterCard, Eurocard, VISA, VISA Electron / VISA Debit 1,25% af transaktionsbeløbet
Diners Club 2,13% af transaktionsbeløbet
Klarna 3,5% af transaktionsbeløbet


Kommunen bruger DIBS (Danish Internet Payment System) til håndtering af betalingstransaktioner. Brug af Dankort eller andre kreditkort er sikkert og godkendt af PBS.

Kommunen har ikke adgang til dine kreditkortoplysninger. De håndteres udelukkende af DIBS. Kommunikation sker via en sikker forbindelse (SSL). Oplysningerne krypteres, og kunden er den eneste, der kan læse oplysningerne. Betalingen sker fra din konto ved godkendelse.


Det er ikke muligt at annullere købet og få pengene tilbage.



Photograph/video material supplied by the Municipality of Odense cannot be utilized in any other context than publicity of the European Business Forum in the city of Odense.

Photo or video material supplied by the Municipality of Odense cannot be distributed to a third party without the explicit consent of the Municipality of Odense.

Video material published on any site must always be embedded from or linked to the YouTube account ‘Thinkers50 Europe’ to be found at
It is not permitted to download and publish video material.

The Municipality of Odense has copyright on all photograph/video material supplied by the Municipality of Odense in relation to the annual European Business Forum in Odense.