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Viewing: Tammy Erickson

Tammy Erickson, Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behaviour, at London Business School, is one of the stalwarts of the Thinkers50 ranking.  Her groundbreaking work has led to her being ranked in the last five Thinkers50 rankings of the world’s leading business thinkers.

Her work on the generations provides powerful lessons on the importance of one’s perspective in shaping both perceptions and actions. This same approach – that of understanding how experiences shape ideas and practices – is echoed in her work on leadership, as she helps executives understand how management practices evolve out of the challenges of the era – and why we need to take a fresh look at the practices of today. This is explored in the video series, “Leadership That Meets the Most Important Challenge.”

Tammy Erickson discusses her latest work on the characteristics of the youngest generation, those under 20 today, is in the video series, “The Re-Generation.”

Both are available at